Secrets of beauty care

Since the former photo model has lived alongside French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who is 13 years older than him, he has placed increased emphasis on a fresh appearance, according to gossip reporters. In his past election campaign, he allegedly claimed five-digit euro cosmetics costs.

British daily newspapers now even report a “Sarkozy syndrome”: plastic surgeons understand this as a state of mind in which mature men with younger partners fall into when they look in the mirror.

According to a recent study by the British medical research group Haley, more and more men over 40 are having their signs of aging shredded or injected away.

Open for the feminine sides

However, naming this development after Sarkozy is somewhat unfair. In contrast to Italy’s media ruler Silvio Berlusconi, for example, TĂ©lĂ©president Sarkozy never underwent surgery for aesthetic reasons. Moreover, the British themselves have the archetype of the vain man par excellence: their football star David Beckham. He has been demonstrating for years that you can look pretty with earrings and headbands and still be a whole guy.

The cosmetics industry is pleased about such trendsetters. “They have been called “metrosexuals” since the mid-1990s – men who are not gay but open to their feminine sides and cultivate them with special products.

Men at the edge of the make-up pot

What is meant here is not feminine make-up, nail polish or lipstick, as the French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier propagates with his own make-up collection for men, for example. Rather, it is about topics such as buy lipsticks in Malaysia or creams for the face and hands.

The term “metrosexual”, which was originally used in a consumer-critical way, was appropriated by advertisers and lifestyle magazines and for a long time it seemed as if there was not much to it apart from the media hype. But this spring there were more reports about men at the edge of the make-up pot.

A few weeks ago, Germany’s first beauty institute for men only, the Media Spa, opened in Munich on a spacious 350 square meters. In the tastefully styled wood, leather and metal ambience, stressed decision-makers should relax their facial features after hard work. Countless different care procedures from manicure to facial peeling to Ayurvedic full-body massage are available.

Wellness is on everyone’s lips

The owner of the spa, Malte Hartwieg, believes that men lose their natural shyness about such applications when they are among themselves. The inventor of the American product line “American Crew”, David Raccuglia, recognized the principle at the beginning of the nineties. True to the motto “Men must be treated like men”, he designed men’s hairdressing salons in the style of old barber shops – and made a fortune with shampoos and pomades produced especially for men.

Malte Hartwieg also believes in success: “Everyone talks about care and wellness, so there must also be a demand,” he says. Further branches, for example in Berlin and Hamburg, are already being planned. In the Berlin department store Galeries Lafayette, a competitor is already advertising beauty treatments in the middle of the men’s department. Gift vouchers are already boosting the business, bought by life partners.

But this is also how it turns out in the men’s spa: nothing works without women.


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