Clear advantages when cleaning services are outsourced

Are you considering outsourcing cleaning services in your company? Or maybe you would rather have them cleaned by your own staff? We will give you the main reasons for outsourcing cleaning services.

1. favourable price-performance ratio
A specialist company in the building cleaning trade specialises in carrying out cleaning services. He is familiar with the materials to be cleaned and knows which cleaning agents are suitable for which materials in which concentrations. As a master craftsman, he brings all his craftsmanship know-how to your advantage.

2. concentration on the core business
The outsourcing of cleaning services allows two companies to concentrate on their core business at the same time: your company and the building cleaner. With a reliable and professional building cleaner at your side, you reduce the number of unproductive downtimes, increase the quality of your products, create a clean environment for your employees as a prerequisite for good performance. You and your employees can fully concentrate on your own core business.

3. most modern technology for effective results
The specialist companies of the building cleaning trade use the most modern cleaning techniques, a wide variety of suitable cleaning machines and effective cleaning agents. This enables a high performance target. Even with the same cleaning technology, external cleaning always delivers a higher performance over time compared to self-cleaning.

4. savings in personnel costs
A well-organized building cleaner specialist company is able to react flexibly. Staff absences due to illness are cushioned in advance and sickness replacements are made available. For you, the customer, there are no downtimes. If, on the other hand, you have opted for self-cleaning, you do not only have to have permanent cleaning personnel on hand. For sickness-related absences, you must set up a personnel-intensive jumper service, which entails additional personnel costs.

5. trained cleaning personnel
Cleaning companies are tightly organised. The employees are intensively trained and continuously trained in the introduction of new technologies, processes or new cleaning agents. The cleaning results are closely monitored and constantly optimised. In this way we achieve better and more economical cleaning results.

The cost-effectiveness of outsourcing cleaning work to specialist cleaning companies in the building cleaning trade continues to speak for itself:

  • Planning reliability in budgeting cleaning costs
  • professional and rational work processes
  • Reduced workload by eliminating the need for purchasing and warehousing of materials and equipment
  • Investment savings, no purchase of machines and equipment required
  • Cost savings, no maintenance of machines and devices
  • The award of the cleaning contract to master craftsmen ensures a high quality of cleaning and leads to further cost reductions, both indirectly and in the long term, through increased conservation of value of the property.

You may also choose to use Fox Cities Janitorial services for other purposes outside the office buildings. The extensive service portfolio covers not only the interior cleaning of buildings but also the entire spectrum of facility management. These include above all the cleaning of outdoor areas including garden and landscape maintenance, household dissolutions and clearing out, caretaker and removal services as well as the conversion of lighting systems to economical LED systems.

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