7 ways to save on your rental car

Do you ever go on holiday by plane? Do you also sometimes rent a car? And do you like to save money? Then read on.

Holidays are expensive enough! Therefore, saving some money would not be wrong. But the question is how? You can save on your holiday destination, on the activities, or by eating out less often, but we prefer not to lose on this and we would like to save on something else. We will tell you how you can save money on your rental car during your holiday.

1. Use a comparison site
To get an overview of the different rental companies on the market and so choose the cheapest one, you can best use a comparison site for car rental companies. These comparison sites sometimes provide at different rental companies. So check out different comparison sites, such as car rental24.be, easyTerra, and momondo.be.

2. Search for discount codes or coupons
Before you book a car, find out if you can get discount codes or coupons from a car rental company. Often you can enjoy these benefits in the run-up to or during a holiday period. This can save some money, so that one rental company suddenly turns out to be cheaper than the one that at first sight has the best prices. There are sites such as Acties.nl, Solden.be, Flipit.com and Snipsnip.be where you can stay informed of the latest discounts.

3. Aircraft branches vs. Local companies
Many people rent their car at the airport, which makes it easy to get in your rental car from the plane. However, these car rental companies are often a lot more expensive. A branch of the same car rental company in the interior is often even cheaper than the branch of the same company at the airport! So you can save a lot of money by looking for a local company or other branch, and this doesn’t have to be a lot of trouble! Public transport is often well regulated around airports. So find out in advance where you can rent a car on the way to or near your stay.

4. Join!
At many car rental companies it is possible to apply for membership. This membership can give you a lot of advantages. For example, you can be helped faster at the checkout, you get special discounts, access to the latest cars or free upgrades. Membership is often completely free, but can often help you save time and money.

5. Book early
By booking your car early, your car can be cheaper than when you wait until two weeks before departure. In the beginning there are still many cars available, so the prices are still low. The closer to the holiday season, the fewer cars there are available and the higher the prices.

6. Save with your credit card on your rental car
Credit cards can offer you many advantages. In some cases, your credit card offers you discounts at car rental companies. See below an overview of the financial institutions’ credit cards that you can use to receive discounts from various car rental companies.

7. The insurance that is imposed
Car rental companies would like you to take out insurance with them. Check in advance that you do not already have this insurance and that your credit card does not already cover this insurance. Such as the Belfius Mastercard Platinum, the American Express Platinum Card and the KBC Platinum Flex Mastercard already offer insurance in the event of material damage or theft of the rental car.

As you can see, there are many points where you can save on your car rental in penang. Take these points with you next time you rent a car, so that you can drive a lot cheaper and do other fun things with that money!

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